Vote For Susan Shelley

There is a very important special election tomorrow in the West San Fernando Valley.  Along with you, I have been fighting for more than two years to get a Republican into our Assembly seat in Sacramento.  Tomorrow's election represents our best chance in more than a decade to make this a reality.

To find your polling place just click here.

"The representative of the people must be wary of becoming a professional politician. The more complex and gigantic our government, the more essential that the layman's point of view have eloquent voices."
   -- Daniel Boorstin

No one will be a more eloquent voice for the Valley than Susan Shelley.  Susan is smart, informed, educated and principled.  She will protect Prop. 13 and help block legislation that hurts our economy and kills jobs.

Susan is running a strong campaign and she will WIN if we can get everyone out to vote.  Please tell your friends and neighbors to take a few minutes tomorrow and make their voices heard.


Susan's opponent, Matt Dababneh, has proven that he is unworthy of our support.  As a long time Democratic party operative, he offers no new ideas, just the same failed policies that are at fault for our economic decline in California.

Shamefully, recent mailers by Dabaneh and the Los Angeles Democratic Party try to paint Susan Shelley as a Tea Party extremist.  SHE IS NOT.  Susan is a moderate Republican, with a capital "R".  Reject these same old Democrat dirty tricks and Vote for the honorable candidate, Susan Shelley.


While I have no plans to run for office in the near future, I will continue my service to our party as the Vice  Chair of our local 45th Assembly District Republican Central Committee.  I am also serving as the Chair of the 30th Congressional District Committee for the LA GOP.

We have a busy mid term election season next year and there will be a lot of opportunity for you to stay engaged and to get involved helping Republicans win.

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Election Day!



Election day is here! The finish line is a few hours away!

This will be a low turnout election, so your voice and your vote will count more than ever!

I am an independent citizen running to restore freedom and opportunity to the San Fernando Valley.

With your vote and your support we can bring some common sense back to Sacramento!


Your vote IS your voice in Sacramento.


Make sure you VOTE!

To find your polling place click here.


After you cast your vote for CHRIS KOLSKI, please join us as we watch the polls and celebrate victory!



Tuesday, September 17th

8:00PM - 12:00am



23527 Calabasas Road

Calabasas, CA 91302





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End One Party Rule in CA!

Please watch this video, and help Chris Kolski stop One Party Rule in California!


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Top 4 Issues for CA and AD45

Visit Chris' Youtube channel for more videos on other issues affecting Californians


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Kolski to focus on Repealing the Worst Job Killer Bills

Chris Kolski believes that government cannot create good jobs, but they can take them away.  Excessive taxes and unnecessary regulation has squeezed out businesses that create the jobs we need.

At a speaking engagement today, Chris Kolski spoke about the excessive regulation that is strangling California's businesses and our prosperity.  He stated, "cutting taxes and repealing the worst job killer bills is my priority in Sacramento."

Yet in a state with the most unfriendly business climate besides New York, where do we start?  Here is a good place:


Read more
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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Endorses Chris Kolski

I'm very proud to announce that Chris Kolski has received the endorsement of GOP rising star, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R)-AD33.  Chris and Tim both share a deep commitment to liberty and transparency in government.  From his opposition to the Governor's budget, to his Liberty Preservation Act (AB351), Tim serves as a tireless advocate for the People of California.

Tim Donnelly, first elected to represent the 59th Assembly District in November 2010, has represented the 33rd Assembly District since December 2012.

In the Legislature, Tim has earned the reputation of a conservative who holds steadfast to his beliefs: fighting illegal immigration, defending public safety, removing restrictions on business growth, and protecting the taxpayers' pocketbooks.

Tim serves as Vice Chair of the Committee on Elections and Redistricting. He also serves on the Appropriations Committee, Rules Committee, Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee and Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

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Chris Kolski WINS AGAIN!

Last Saturday, I was very pleased to attend the Los Angeles County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting. Fellow Republicans Susan Shelley and Armineh Chelebian were invited to compete with me for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County endorsement. 

The three of us spoke and took questions from the committee. When the final round of voting was held, I beat Susan Shelley by almost double the number of votes, 21 to 11! Armineh Chelebian did not receive a vote at this event.

While we were one vote shy of the 2/3 needed to secure LA County endorsement, the support I received from the largest County Republican Party in the nation was very satisfying. As no endorsement was made by the County:

I am the only candidate in the race that has received an official Republican Party Endorsement!

I would like to thank Chairman Mark Vafiades and the LA County Republican Executive Committee for their hospitality. 

With the support of the Republican Party behind me, it's now time to focus on my Democrat opponents. We will only keep building on this momentum over the next two months as we fight to end the super-majority in Sacramento.

Looking forward to the special election on September 17, my team is stronger than ever!

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Chris Kolski WINS 45th AD Republican Endorsement

On Thursday, campaign manager David Hernandez and I, attended an endorsement conference held by the 45th Assembly District Republican Central Committee.

I competed against fellow Republican Susan Shelley for the endorsement by speaking and taking questions from the committee members. The event lasted two hours, Susan and I discussed our positions and our campaign strategy at length.  After the presentations, the committee went into closed session and debated the merits of each candidate along with the viability of each campaign.

When the vote was taken, I was very happy to learn that I won the endorsement from the local Republican Central Committee!

I would like to thank Chairman Thomas Hanson and the members of the committee for their hospitality, and for putting on a very thorough and fair event.

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Kolski Campaign Signs Top GOP Fundraiser

It has been a great week for my campaign!

On Monday I met with a top GOP fundraiser.  After evaluating the merits and strengths of my campaign, she has agreed to join us as our Director of Fundraising.  She will work closely with my team to raise needed funds and to help us craft a winning finance strategy.

Maria Jordan and the PRISE GROUP have worked with some of the top names in California politics.  Her clients have included Mayor Richard Riordan, Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Rudy Giuliani, Carmen Trutanich, Bernard Parks, and most recently, Kevin James for Mayor.  For Maria's complete bio, just click here. It takes money to beat the well funded Democrats, and with Maria's leadership we will raise the funds we need to WIN!

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Reclaim the Constitution

Everyone is searching for a plan to Restore America's Greatness

We should all realize that the best plan in history has already been published, the US Constitution!

Click here to read how we can RECLAIM THE CONSTITUTION


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