An Honest Voice

Chris Kolski cares about the San Fernando Valley!

As a long time resident of the Valley, I understand our proud history of economic prosperity and innovation. I am INDEPENDENT and do not rely on special interest support. I am an experienced businessman - not a career politician.  I will represent YOU and the PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA in our fight against the powerful special interest groups controlling our state.


Chris Kolski Highlights

-  A proud husband and father of four

-  A concerned citizen, electrical engineer, and UCLA graduate

-  An immigrant from Poland who understands the American Dream

-  Chairman of the 40th Assembly District Central Committee


State Government is Broken

California has a diverse economy with the ability to prosper and grow, but our government is standing in the way. California is driving business and employers away with excessive costs and oppressive regulation.

California is facing severe economic decline. We are facing a $15 billion deficit this year along with massive and growing debt into the future.

Our public schools are under-funded, our prison population is exploding, and our hospitals are overcrowded. We are getting less and paying more. Huge tax increases are on the way.


Chris Kolski will:

-  Keep taxes low and repeal excessive regulation

-  Bring business and jobs back to California

-  Fight to eliminate wasteful spending

-  Restore prosperity to California


Californians have lost their voice in Sacramento.

Send the career politicians a clear message.

Vote Kolski for California Assembly.

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pray: Met man, while cmpgng @ post office 4, who's wife's cousin adriana is in coma in MEXICO
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Only a few days left!
Check out for the latest on Chris Kolski’s opponent!
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2jobBob is ALSO running for City Council 2013. As CA Assembly Chair of Finance is bailing out b4 CA files bankruptcy?