Volunteer Conference Call

Finally!  We're kicking the Kolski Volunteer Corps into high gear with a weekly conference call every Monday at 7pm (details below).  

We have the phone bank cranking with more calls being made every day - many callers are from out of district and out of state - as a matter of fact, it was a guy from Illinois, Doug Welch, who won our first Android Tablet for his hard work.  Will you be the winner next Friday?  We're keeping track.  We're walking precincts like crazy and getting the 'boots on the ground' work done.

But we can't overlook the great ideas that come from you, the volunteers, thus the conference call that we're scheduling for you every week until election day.

Yes, we're going to present the motivational information.  Yes, we're listening carefully to the great ideas you are bringing, and putting those ideas to work for a Kolski victory.  

And of course, we want to thank you for the hard work you've already done for the Chris campaign.

If you're ready for more enthusiasm and more responsibility, you need to be on this call.

At 7pm every Monday, call 559-546-1200 - code: 659-709-066#


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