When you look at the lack of integrity and honesty in Sacramento, and at the way politicians have wrecked our economy, it should come as no surprise that Education in California is failing as well.

California was once a leader in Public Education.  We had the best schools, the best colleges, and the best Universities.  Higher education was affordable option for everyone, and our investments in education gave us a skilled workforce that could compete globally.

Sadly this is no longer the case.  As our state and federal governments became more involved in education, our quality of education has declined and the costs of education have skyrocketed.  Our test scores are now worse than most other states and many people cannot afford the cost of higher education.

The local schools our parents and grandparents built for us are now crumbling.  Many schools struggle just to provide current textbooks.  We no longer empower our children with a balanced education as we cut things like arts, sports and vocational training due to budget constraints.

Politicians and bureaucrats now dominate education instead of parents and teachers.  These agencies drain needed funds and resources that would be much better spent in the classroom.  School administrators often must spend more time fighting for scarce resources than they do teaching our kids.

 We would be far better off cutting the politicians and middle men out of education, saving billions, and giving education funds directly to schools so parents and teachers can make the best use of them for our kids.  We must do as our parents have done before us, build new modern schools and equip them with the best technology to enable our children and grandchildren to compete into the future.


California has always been a hotbed of technology.  Now our students rank 47th out of all 50 states in science. Read More

More data on California Edication.  Click Here

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Value of education and its system has been elevated with the efforts and abilities of the people. Most of the students have been visiting on the pretext of the knowledge and information. Patterns have been set forth during the courses of the education for the social uplift of the students.