October 15, 2012

Kolski Endorsements

Endorse Chris Now

Chris Kolski is Endorsed by:

Michael D. Antonovich – Los Angeles County Supervisor

Tony Strickland – California State Senator & Congressional Candidate

David Hernandez – Congressional Candidate, 29th CD

Todd Zink – California State Senate, 27th SD

Jay L. Stern – California State Assembly Candidate, 46th AD

Craig Huey – California State Assembly Candidate, 66th AD

Martha Flores Gibson – California State Assembly Candidate, 70th AD

CRP California Republican Party

American Independent Party

RPLAC Los Angeles County Republican Party

CRA California Republican Assembly

Chuck Wilkerson

Mark Reed

Dennis De Young

Rick Montaine

Suzy K. Evans

Albert Gersh

Mary-Mark Haggard

Lorraine C. Mabbett

Roger L. Eshleman

Pat Dixon

Ethel Barnes

Teddy Howell

Miguel Galvan

Codi Pace

Karen Kenney

Laura Freas

John Magee

Jorge Estrada

Mary Culver

Terry Constantine

Wendy Edrington

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