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The political process in Sacramento is broken.   Many articles have been written about the corruption that dominates our state capitol.  Our state is being run by an elite ruling class of career politicians instead of real people with honesty and integrity.  This is the greatest problem we face today.

These career politicians live in a different world where they are funded by corporations and big money special interests.   These special interest groups reap huge success from their investment in Sacramento, while the people of California are stuck with constant failure.

You will notice that our leaders are never willing to take any responsibility for our current condition.  They would rather play the blame game and pander to us with lip service.

We all must pay closer attention to what our elected leaders are doing.  We will not fix the economy, education, or any other issues until we replace the dishonest and self-serving political elite with real folks.  People with honesty and integrity like you and I.

Hold your elected representatives accountable. Research their voting record at the Sacramento Bee.

Find out who is really funding your elected representative here.

Compare the two and see any pattern?  Check project VoteSmart.

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