Important Issues

There are many challenges facing California as we work for a return to prosperity and a brighter future.

While I have strong feelings on many different issues, we must focus on those areas where we can have an immediate positive impact. My platform deals with the present, the future, and the past:



The first and most important focus on is the present state of the California Economy.  Today our state is bleeding red ink, forcing us to run huge deficits and borrow against our future.  We must take action immediately in order to prevent further decline in economic activity and more job losses. For more information regarding my platform for the economy and jobs please click here.



Once we have stopped the economic bleeding, we must take steps toward a brighter future.  We have burdened our children and grandchildren with massive debt.  We have a moral obligation to provide them with the education and economic opportunity they will require to service the debt we have placed on them.  I believe our system of education is broken and that simply spending more money will not fix the problem. We must make significant changes in the way we deliver education.  For more information on my education platform, please click here.



In America, our constitution guarantees every one of us the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The most important job of our government is to protect the rights and freedom of our people.  Unfortunately our current leaders seem to have lost sight of this supreme responsibility.  We no longer enjoy the freedoms and liberty of America past.  California government only gets bigger and bigger as we create new programs and pass new laws at breakneck speed.  As the government grows it gains new powers and control over the people that it was never intended to have.  This comes at the direct expense of individual liberty and personal freedom.  We must trim government back to its core job and return personal freedom and individual liberty to each and every person regardless of race, gender, color or religion.  Education, the economy, and all of the other issues mean nothing if the people of the United States and California are not free.  In Sacramento I will be the voice of freedom and liberty and will fight to transfer power back from bloated and irresponsible government, to our people. We already have a plan for this, it can be found right here.


Many of the other problems we face can be solved with a little common sense, yet our leaders seem to always make the wrong decision.  Why? I do not believe they are simpleminded or inept. More likely they are just more interested in making decisions that benefit the large corporations and powerful special interests that fund their campaigns and keep them in office.  Look here at who is funding the campaigns of our elected officials and see for yourself?  Look at how your own representatives vote.  Then you can decide for yourself who your leaders represent.  We must restore honesty and integrity to Sacramento.  Once we get our representatives more interested in the will of the people than in their campaign coffers we will start to see a lot of positive change.




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