Kolski for Assembly District 45

Chris Kolski's activism goes all the way back to the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, giving him a 35 year track record in activism to take bigger government out of your life.  Chris now wants to do more.  Will you help him?



A prosperous California depends on jobs and a thriving economy.  Instead of recognizing this basic truth, Sacramento seems bent on driving every good business out of California.  With over-taxation, over-regulation and crony favoritism, Sacramento politicians are making sure that California businesses flee elsewhere.




Today, Sacramento has choices, but they keep making the wrong ones for our childrens' education.  California ranks 48th among the nation's schools.  Instead of making our childrens' education their priority, Sacramento want to protect teachers' unions while fighting private schools and raising tuition for higher education.  California's parents, students and private institutions face rapidly diminishing choices.




Sacramento is trying to pass legislation that will make it easier to raise taxes and walk back the nationally historic Proposition 13 tax revolt that finally brought California's high taxation under control.  At every turn, Sacramento is trying to raise taxes and fees on a population that is already overtaxed.  



Government seems to feel entitled to stick its fingers into our lives wherever and whenever it pleases.  Personal privacy has become extinct while intrusions into our lives become more and more pervasive.



Will you help Chris Kolski fight for better government?




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Our volunteer base is gearing up nicely – be sure to click the volunteer button to help with a Kolski victory in this special election.