Win an Android


Did we say "win"??  Perhaps "earn" is a better word, because "winning" is totally under your control.  Just work hard to get Chris elected.  

All you have to do is be at the top of our social media leaderboard for the week in question.  

We're giving away an Android every week until election day.

So.  How do you get to the top of our leaderboard?  Recruit your freinds to our web site and encourage them to donate, volunteer, Pledge2Vote4Chris, Tweet, Facebook, email, create/host an event, make suggestions, tell us about your electoral concerns and ask your friends to do the same.

You get credit for what your recruits do, too.   Encourage your friends to be active with the Chris campaign, and you'll get indirect points for what they do.  

So bring aboard the best people you know; help elect Chris.

Points assigned for various activities appear below.  Be sure to use your recruiting link when telling friends about activities on the Kolski site.   The person doing the activity below gets the points in the 'Principal' column.  If you recruited that person, you get the 'second layer' points in the 'Recruiter' column.  Points are recorded automatically by our web site engine.

No need to 'register' or report - just do it; we're already keeping track.  Be sure to fill out our Volunteer page so we can contact you when you win.


Social Media Activity Principal Gets Recruiter Gets
Phone bank conversation 4  
Recruit a supporter 5 1
Donation from you 10 3
Donation Raised (from a friend) 2 1
Endorsement 4 1
Create Event 4 1
Host Event 4 1
RSVP for Event 2 1
Facebook Like 4 1
Facebook Post 2 1
Facebook Post Like 3 1
Feedback 1 1
Follow on Titter 1 1
Follow Page 2 1
Moneybomb Pledge 4 1
ReTweet 1 1
Signup 5 1
Suggestion 2 1
Suggestion Answer  1 1
Volunteer Signup 10 3
Volunteer Role Signup 2 1
Vote Pledge Yes 10 3


















Kolski Camapign staffers and contractors are not eligible to win.  Value of prize is less than $150. yes.  As you can see above, the BIG way to earn points fast is to use our online phone bank to make calls.  Look for the big phone bank icon anywhere on our site and click to call.  

Easiest phone bank ever deployed and tracking your points is automatic.  

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